Video: Russell Westbrook and Joel Embiid Fued

Lots of people are fans of Joel Embiid and his antics. One of these people who are not fans of these antics now is Okalahoma City Star Russell Westbrook. On Sunday night the Thunder defeated the Philadelphia 76sers 122-122. And during the game Joel Embiid might have had the dunk of the year over Russell Westbrook and Russell Didn’t take too kindly to it.



 Russ didn’t take too kindly to the extra time Embiid took looking at him after the dunk staring him down as you can see in the video, so as the clock ran out Russ decided to stare down Embiid,

 The All-Star Game is coming up and they are on opposite teams. We might have our first ever full on fight in All-Star Game history coming up. Stay Tuned.

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