Video: Patrick Ewing with the best reaction of 2018

Patrick Ewing is off to a hot start in his first year as Georgetown’s head coach. The team cruised through their relatively easy non-conference schedule to start off the season 11-0 but they lost their first three games in their Big East Schedule to fall to 11-3. Still a good start for Patrick Ewing. Their leading scorer Marcus Derrickson yesterday in the loss but up 24 points but shot 4-11 from the field, but one of the shots was so bad that it led to the best reaction of 2018 by Coach Ewing. Video below.

Ok that was pretty fun right? I guess Patrick Ewing isn’t the biggest fan of the “step back one legged” shot. Plus the fact that Ewing kept having to ask his leading scorer if even practiced that shot.

 But Patrick Ewing wasn’t quite done yet with Marcus Derrickson. After he went off on him the first time for his poor shot selection watch what Patrick Ewing said next….

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