Bud Light Could Owe Millions of Beers if The Eagles Win the Super Bowl

If the Philadelphia Eagles manage to win the Super Bowl Sunday against the New England Patriots the scaling utility poles may be the least of the city of Philadelphia worries. That’s because in August, Bud Light offered to match Eagles Right Tackle Lane Johnson’s offer of “giving out beer to everybody” if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.



The math doesn’t particularly favor the Eagles or Bud Light here, and the most cost-effective option for Bud Light would be to assume “giving out beer to everybody” meant one free 12-ounce beer. According to CBS Sports, the Patriots are 4.5-point favorites to win Super Bowl LII. In Bud Light’s case, if you assume Johnson meant the entire city of Philadelphia when he said “everybody,” that would include all of Philadelphia’s 1.5 million residents who are of legal drinking age. Since 2016 Census data listed 22.5% of the city’s population at under 18 years of age, a rough guess would total about 1.2 million people of legal drinking age.

A six-pack of Bud Light currently retails for $6.42 at Walmart. If you average that to $1.07 per beer, the cost comes to about $1.284 million for giving each person of legal drinking age one free beer.

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