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111 Year Old Gives Out His Big Survival Secret… “Avoid Dying”

Bob and Alfred are the two oldest men in Britain, both turning 111 on the exact same day. No these aren’t twins, they are just Bob Weighton and Alfred Smith, both 111 years old, and both born on March 29th, 1908.

When you see a man or woman make it to this age, there is usually one question that strikes us all: What is your key to living this long? We got the answers now.:

Weighton’s advice on the matter is “to avoid dying,” according to the BBC. He continued, “porridge is helpful, and having a job you enjoy,” the former farmer told The Scotsman.”I like to think I’ve lived a decent life,” he said. “I do ask myself — why me? Why have I lived so long when others haven’t?”


The answer “to avoid dying,” might be the the greatest advice we could all get. Just keep on kicking and don’t let go, enjoy your life!

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